Whitening Facial

Rejuvi Skin Whitening Treatment combines a special lightening treatment serum, fruit complex, and whitening formula to improve skin tone and pigmentation, as well as dark under-eye circles.

Do you want to have pure facial skin ready for evening makeup or just improve its tone while removing any signs of pigmentation? Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio is ready to help you with a professional whitening facial treatment in Alberta. Book now to stay pleased with the final result and free from annoying things like freckles, under-eye circles, and imperfections.

We are your local beauty masters who are easily accessible in Edmonton and other Alberta-based locations like Brooks, Wetaskiwin, Calgary, etc. Book online to opt for great results and pure skin with the awesome skin condition you have always dreamt about.

Our Skin Whitening Service to Consider

Get ready for special occasions or just enjoy your pure skin without pigmentation, dark spots, and other issues that ruin your mood. You will be proud of your gorgeous look and will stay pleased with your reflection in the mirror after our skin whitening treatment.

Note that our specialists use only high-quality products for the procedure and promote absolute satisfaction with the session booked in our local beauty studio. The affordable pricing plan will impress all clients. Book the best option for whitening skin in Canada that is affordable but of premium grade – we guarantee the best price-quality ratio.

The same charges can be found only among local at-home technicians. But our low cost is not about absent certification and the poor sterile environment you can face somewhere else. In comparison with at-home technicians with the same inexpensive pricing for similar services, we are responsible for your safety and the final result.

Just contact us to book the procedure at a convenient time for you. Or use an online site for booking a date and time of your interest for the beauty session in our local salon with professional technicians.

Skin Whitening Process & Results

To improve your facial skin tone and do away with any unwanted issues like dullness, rough suntan, pigmentation, or anything else, a whitening treatment performed by our professional technician is required. Take a closer look at the process for this procedure that lightens your skin with great care:

  • The special-purpose complex that contains serum, vitamins, and seaweed extracts is applied to the client’s face.
  • This treatment brightens skin and does away with all the imperfections like freckles, under-eye circles, keratinized layers, etc.
  • The vitamin-rich mixture is applied to boost the process of new cell growth to restore the healthy tone of the skin.
  • The skin becomes lighter with the well-hydrated background while all the melanin production is decreased to slow down pigmentation processes.

Finally, our clients can enjoy their soft, light skin restored after the negative impact of air and water pollution, dust, stress, and other unfavorable factors. It is recommended to avoid sunbathing for the first 24 hours after the procedure to get the most everlasting whitening effect. Exclude aggressive scrubs as well for this period of time for the most optimal regeneration of healthy skin texture.

Our beauty masters know everything about pigmentation and antioxidant-rich treatments like whitening facial sessions. 

Note that all the Light Touch experts attend regular refresher and advanced training courses to master their skills and learn new techniques of skin lightening treatment, permanent makeup, waxing, dermaplaning, etc. Book now to stay 100% satisfied with the firmness of your skin, its shine, and its smooth tone!