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Don’t waste time on makeup every day anymore!

Permanent makeup services from Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio will brighten you with neat, well-groomed eyebrows that emphasize the beauty of the face, perfectly straight arrows of eyeliner that create an accent on the eyes and eyelashes, and sensual voluminous lips.

Our studio provides the most comfortable and safe permanent and semi-permanent makeup services using innovative techniques. We strive to create smooth and natural contours to make your appearance brighter and more expressive.



Microblading is a highly accurate, semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattoo. It fills in sparse eyebrows in a natural-looking way, creating the illusion of more hairs on the brow.

Brow Lamination

Laminating your brows is a great way to get out the door quickly in the morning. Saving you time in your routine so you can get to work, buy that expensive new coffee you’ve wanted to try, and achieve a chiseled, polished, and effortlessly chic brow game.

Eyebrow lamination is a brow styling procedure that allows you to fix the hairs in an upright position, give a beautiful shape to unruly eyebrows and eliminate the need to use fixing gels daily. Such beauty procedure helps to achieve a well-groomed appearance of the eyebrows and, accordingly, the face. And all this pleasure lasts 4-6 weeks.

Lamination allows you to get the following advantages:

  • Color. As a result of the tinting portion of the procedure, each hair is coated with a unique tint, which makes it possible to keep the pigment longer than with ordinary permanent dyeing.
  • Perfect shape. Our salon technicians have already proven how much eyebrows can change a face’s look.

The task of our studio specialists is to give even the most unruly brows a perfect look, fix the neat shape of the eyebrows, and darken the eyebrows, dyeing them in a more expressive shade. The procedure usually consists of three stages:

  1. Softening – a softening composition is applied to the eyebrows and is fixed with a transparent layer to prevent contact with air.
  2. Fixation. Our specialist carefully applies the composition to the eyebrows, giving them the desired shape, and leaves it on for some time. The hairs will remain brushed and tidy when the mixture is washed off.
  3. Shaping and coloring. The technician works with the brows, trying not to touch the skin so the laminated eyebrows look natural.
  • For ladies with light eyebrows who want to avoid the negative effect of permanent paint on the hair and skin.
  • Girls with hard eyebrows, which are difficult to give an aesthetic look.
  • Owners of unruly eyebrows that must be styled and fixed daily with the help of gels.
  • For those who want to replace using shadows, pencils, and fixing gels with one procedure and not worry about the appearance of their eyebrows for up to 4-6 weeks.
  • Wetting the laminated eyebrows the day after the procedure is not recommended.

    Eyebrow oil is recommended. It can be used every day at night or as a light fixative with a moist effect during the day. The oil should be applied with a clean mascara brush and distributed over the hairs.

  • The eyebrows will keep the desired shape without problems – the effect will last about a month. It is necessary to comb them after washing, giving them the desired direction. Applying a clear gel is perfect.

    If you are still determining whether eyebrow lamination is good for you or need help, consult the Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio specialists. We can make your brows the best in all of Canada!

Hybrid Tinting

Hybrid tint is a brow dye with similar long-lasting effects as Henna. This procedure is free of chemicals, which is important to note. It is highly pigmented, stains sparse brows and suits most skin types.

Hybrids or hybrid dyes have both organic and mineral components in their composition in equal proportions. They differ in durability, and saturation of colors, do not turn into unwanted shades over time, are easily corrected, and last up to 6 weeks on your hair and 2 weeks on the skin underneath it. Such dyes, like minerals, are applied gently and come out gently with time.

  • Naturalness

Choosing beauty products is always tricky because you want to make the right decision, and there are more and more options in this field every year. This also applies to situations when there is a need to work on the color of the eyebrows. Today’s trend is natural dyes. It is entirely safe for your health – no oxidizers, ammonia, and peroxides.

  • Lasting color

Henna and hybrid dye color the hair and the skin underneath it. This factor can guarantee more durable tinting. If you follow the correct techniques, the hybrid tint effect lasts for 2 weeks and more.

  • Dyes choice

It is a mistake to think that hybrid dye is only one color. Today, studio technicians can obtain various shades. This allows each person to choose the right dye color and get the most natural coloring. Thanks to the broad palette, the hybrid-dye tone can match your hair and eye color.

  • If applying permanent makeup in the studio takes a few hours, the hybrid-dye tinting takes about an hour. During this time, the brow specialist will degrease the skin, make markings, model the shape, and apply pigment. At the end of the procedure, the mixture must be removed with a cotton pad. Now you are ready to evaluate the result!
  • Doing this procedure at Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton, you’ll get significant advantages:

    • Only hypoallergenic substances are included in professional hybrid dyes.
    • You’ll get a long-lasting beautiful brow color. With natural hybrid brow tint, you can swim, visit the sauna, and not worry that the dye will run.
    • The dye has beneficial substances in its composition. During tinting, the client additionally receives a hair care procedure.

    Hybrid eyebrow tinting is an excellent alternative to tattooing. The effect after the beauty procedure lasts several weeks and proceeds without painful sensations and discomfort. Before applying the dye, our studio technician carefully selects the shape of the eyebrow arch, considering the face and eye particularities. You got the best eyebrows in Canada!

Henna Eyebrows

Your days of reapplying brow makeup every day are over! Introduce yourself to eyebrow tinting; a procedure to darken your eyebrows natural color by a dyeing process.

Eyebrows henna is a natural coloring composition that practically has no contraindications. It has a broad palette, enough to choose exactly the color that suits you. Among cosmetologists, darkening eyebrows with henna is called a bio-tattoo with cosmetic and skin caring effects.

  • The procedure is entirely painless.
  • Natural composition with a skin caring effect gives eyebrows a healthy look and beautiful color.
  • No contraindications.
  • Natural color.
  • Does not take much time and effort.
  • Caring after tinting is quite simple.
  • Healthy shine and elasticity.
  • Focusing on the advantages of henna eyebrows, many think the procedure is simple and requires no skill. Here is the thing to remember:

    • A Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio technician can consider the peculiarities of the skin, eyebrows shape, and shade you want and perform the procedure efficiently and competently.
    • Thanks to the experience, the brow stylist will give the eyebrows an ideal shape.
    • Professional henna eyebrow tint effect will last up to 5 weeks.

    You will agree that eyebrow correction is much easier after a masterfully executed procedure!

  • Whatever the ideal shape and color you choose, remember that the procedure should consist of several stages:

    Preparatory. If you dye brows with henna the first time, a skin sensitivity test can be performed if you’re concerned about an allergy reaction, however, most people have no reaction to the henna dye. The studio technician will apply the sketch, if necessary, make corrections. Before using the toning paste and degreasing of the eyebrow area are performed.

    Coloring. The henna mass is carefully applied with a brush coating the entire eyebrow. If you want a dark shade, the paste layer should be thicker. The time of tinting is up to 30 minutes.

    Henna removal. It is removed with a cotton pad dipped in water (the paste can also be removed dry).

    Care. To preserve the obtained result, it is advisable not to wet the eyebrows for one or two days and not to apply creams, scrubs, or peelings. Henna eyebrows “do not like” saunas, baths, and solariums. Natural oil is used for the permanent care of the eyebrows.

  • If you want to give up chemical dyes and decide to “tidy up” your eyebrows with the help of henna, welcome to the Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio, Edmonton, Alberta. Before making a final decision, look at the photos of before and after the procedure. This will allow you to ensure you have chosen the right place.

Combo Eyebrows

Combo brows are a combination of nanoblading and powder brows (shading). There are nanoblading hair-like strokes from the beginning to the middle of the brow to give the brow a natural look, which then transitions to a powdered effect to the body and tail of the brow to give the brow more fullness and density.

Powder Ombre Eyebrows

Light Touch Permanent Makeup Ombre Eyebrows are soft, defined, and offer a more gentle approach to a traditional chiseled brow look.

  • Powder ombre eyebrows are permanent tattoos with a gentle effect on the skin. It is performed similarly to microblading, but creates a more natural and aesthetic look. It creates a more gentle makeup look, avoiding sharp outlines.
  • Ombre powder makeup is performed using a sterile cosmetic tool. It allows the technician to inject the required pigment into the skin’s upper layers. The client receives a powder shading effect at the end of the procedure. Only a professional technician should do the procedure for the client to be satisfied with the result and get perfect symmetry and a beautiful shape without an eyebrow pencil.
  • In Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton, Alberta we:
  • create an ideal and natural look;
  • add density if you have sparse or light eyebrows;
  • have your eyebrows smudge-proof in the summer or the swimming pool;
  • save your time if you are tired of “drawing” your eyebrows in front of the mirror daily.
  • The technique is harmless and painless and has the following positive aspects:

    • Your eyebrows look natural. We use high-quality pigments for permanent makeup. The natural tone lies gently on the skin. Your face looks natural with a light shade of makeup.
    • Pigments remain fresh for a long time. The shade does not change, and the pigment gradually fades over time. But its original color remains for most people.
    • Ombre eyebrows are perfect for a makeup base. The procedure creates a primary image, emphasizes the face’s natural beauty, and places accents. Many of our clients forget about cosmetics after the procedure.
    • It doesn’t get boring. A powder ombre is not a real tattoo. You can always change the color or shape to update your look.
  • We do everything possible to make the procedure comfortable and safe.

    1. We consult: set a date and agree on the procedure’s outcome. We advise on skincare before and after the procedure;
    2. We agree on the work: listen to your wishes and draw a sketch considering the face’s color, type, and shape. Together with you, we approve every stroke of future eyebrows;
    3. We carry out the procedure: prepare your skin for the session and apply anesthesia cream by request (but most clients can go through the procedure without numbing, as the application of the pigment is very topical). Carefully draw an eyebrow sketch and fill it with pigment. After the procedure, we will provide you with aftercare instructions with an option to purchase an aftercare kit.
  • Your powder eyebrows heal perfectly and look natural. For 2 years, you are always in makeup and free from eyebrow pencils.

    To avoid wasting money on experiments, it is better to contact professionals at Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton, Canada. You can read grateful clients’ reviews and view the technician’s works in the portfolio on our official website. A good expert will advise and specify the total cost of the service.

Nano Eyebrows / Digital Hairstrokes

Nanoblading for eyebrows fills in scarce, thin eyebrows for a thicker appearance. The procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a super fine needle to create hair-like tattoo strokes. These strokes look like natural hair.

Nanoblading is a technique that provides many benefits to girls who are unhappy with their natural eyebrows. The Nano Eyebrows technology is simple and similar to microblading. It is enough to go through one procedure, and you can forget about decorative cosmetics for eyebrows for a year and a half. Each hair is drawn separately according to a special scheme with a fine needle.

  • As mentioned earlier, nanoblading and microblading have common roots. Nanoblading is a more modern procedure aimed at less trauma, safety, and painlessness but a more prolonged effect.

    It’s all about the technology itself – the technician uses a fragile needle that is much more delicate than microblading. This allows you to achieve naturalness and make eyebrows perfect, as if nature endowed you with natural beauty. A smaller needle is practically not felt on the skin and doesn’t cause additional harm and bleeding. And the result will pleasantly surprise you – it will last longer than microblading – up to 3 years.

  • Before heading to the procedure, it is necessary to:

    For everything to go as safely as possible, certain precautions must be observed before the procedure.

    •  If you are taking antibiotics or blood thinners, you must stop taking them a week before nanoblading.
    • Also, 2-3 days before you visit the studio, it is not recommended to take any alcoholic beverages.
    • The skin in the eyebrow area should be healthy, without inflammation or rashes.
    • Do not sunbathe before you visit the studio.
    • Consult a studio manager to find out the nano brows cost.
  • The process of creating nano brows is similar to microblading:

    1. The first phase is given a consultation, where a Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio technician will shape brows and decide on the color.
    2.  After shaping the brows line, the technician prepares the pattern to draw on and treats the skin with a mild anesthetic.
    3. Then, with the help of a special machine, the studio technician creates hair-like tattoo strokes. This process may take some time as each stroke is carefully drawn to look like natural hair.
  • As a minimally invasive procedure, nanoblading is virtually painless, although the feeling from clients, of course, individual – it all depends on the pain threshold. You feel discomfort no more than from waxing but much less than from microblading or tattooing. Anesthetic cream is beneficial – in this case, it is applied to the skin for some time before the procedure.

    Beautifully groomed eyebrows of the correct shape are the basis of perfect makeup. Many would agree on this simple truth. But, it is not like every woman can boast luxurious eyebrows. Many have lost precious hair in endless experiments on appearance. Nanoblading can improve the situation, allowing you to enhance the brows’ shape and fullness of your eyebrows. Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton is proud of its reputable technicians, the best in Canada. Call and ask all the questions about the nano brows and desired results.

    Take care of your eyebrows correctly and enjoy their great shape and color for up to 2 years!

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