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Hydromassage: Therapeutic Effect and Benefits
Hydromassage: Therapeutic Effect And Benefits

Hydromassage: Therapeutic Effect and Benefits

General information about massage

We all know about the benefits of massage. Massage is not only an effective method of treating and preventing a wide range of various diseases, relieving stress and improving the condition of the skin and subcutaneous fat. Massage is also a great opportunity to take care of not only your body but also your emotional state. The massage procedure perfectly relaxes, having a deep physiological and psychological effect, and improves the condition of all human organs, since the control of internal organs goes through certain parts of the spine.

There are following types of massage in rehabilitation medicine:

  • therapeutic back massage,
  • classic Spanish massage,
  • lymphatic drainage massage,
  • anti-cellulite massage,
  • relaxing head massage,
  • massage of the abdomen, and other types of massage.

The benefits of hydromassage

I think that hydromassage can be considered as a separate direction in massage procedures. Hydromassage is considered one of the necessary components in the course of treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, relieves back pain and muscle spasm, reduces stress and anxiety, and strengthens the immune system. Physicians recommend non-contact hydromassage as an alternative way to treat pain in the spine, neck, shoulders, headaches, osteochondrosis, arthritis, to relax muscles and relieve nervous tension.

Help in cleansing the body of toxins

In addition, physiotherapists have found that hydro-massage helps to eliminate toxins from the body and helps cleanse the body of harmful substances, improves the functioning of the vessels of the extremities. This procedure stimulates blood circulation, thereby positively affecting the cardiovascular system. In the process of hydromassage, blood circulation is accelerated, and the cells of the body are saturated with oxygen. As a result, the metabolism is accelerated. Hydromassage allows you to clean the skin as much as possible, remove dead cells, which gives the skin a healthy and radiant appearance.

Hydromassage and cellulite control

Hydromassage is an effective way to fight against cellulite and fat deposits, improves skin turgor (this is a term used in cosmetology and dermatology to determine the firmness and elasticity of the dermis) and gives the skin an excellent healthy look. The procedure stimulates the production of collagen in the skin cells, increases its elasticity and smoothes fine age wrinkles. Areas of the skin that suffer due to insufficient blood circulation are renewed as a result of regular hydromassage, getting a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Hydromassage and stress

Besides, hydromassage can be used to eliminate stress and its consequences. In the 21st century, a large percentage of people are under stress. This directly affects the immune system, weakening it, disrupts the endocrine system. The general state of health under the influence of stress can be threatened by diseases (frequent colds, infections and allergies, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, etc.).

Benefits for the spine and joints

Hydromassage is useful as a part of treatment of various diseases of spine and joints, as it allows you to remove the load from them. The benefits of hydromassage in this case are especially great, since this method allows you to speed up the recovery of motor functions, increase joint mobility. No type of traction (traction of spine) will allow so effectively and harmlessly to relieve pressure from the pinched nerve root in case of intervertebral hernia and correct actions of the specialist during the procedure guarantee the elimination of pain caused by muscle spasm.

In other words, hydromassage is similar in its effect to classical massage, with the only difference being that the classic version of this procedure will not give such complete relaxation for the entire human body, which means that its effectiveness is much lower.

How hydromassage is done and the effect on the body

Hydromassage in Edmonton

Underwater massage is performed with a stream of water while a person is in a spa bath. The procedure is very popular among people who want to recover quickly after hard work, with prolonged overload, with increased fatigue.

Water at a comfortable temperature helps to relax muscles, relieve fatigue. And the pressure of directed jets of water has a certain therapeutic effect, namely, it improves microcirculation in all internal organs.

Very popular is aero and hydro massage: this is when air bubbles are added to the flow of water. This procedure perfectly trains skin receptors. When microbubbles are formed, special nozzles allow you to control the direction of their movement, the intensity and shape of the flow thereby achieving the maximum effect of the procedure.

What effect does hydromassage have?

The first positive effect is complete relaxation. Even lying in a comfortable position a person cannot fully relax while in the water the human body is in a state close to weightlessness, and warm water enhances the effect of muscle relaxation and has an analgesic effect.

It also helps to improve lymphatic and venous circulation, and stimulates the removal of excess fluid which is drained through natural filters. And since it is the elimination of excess fluid from the body that is the fastest way to lose weight then hydromassage has become actively used for weight loss and cellulite treatment, as a fairly effective and at the same time very pleasant procedure. The procedure also stimulates the breakdown of fats, improves muscle and skin tone as well as helps in figure modeling.

Indications for hydromassage

What are the indications for hydromassage treatment :
– diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
– sleep disturbance;
– impaired immunity;
– asthenic syndrome;
– depression and frequent stress;
– chronic fatigue syndrome;
– violation of blood circulation;
– venous insufficiency;
– diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
– metabolic disease;
– disruption of the peripheral nervous system;
– people with sedentary work;
– overweight.


But for some people there are also contraindications as follows: diseases during an exacerbation; acute infectious diseases; skin infectious diseases; fever; urolithiasis disease; thrombophlebitis; oncological diseases; some diseases of the cardiovascular system (hypertension II, III stage, myocardial infarction, severe angina pectoris, post-stroke condition, heart aneurysm); bleeding.

It should be noted that the indications and contraindications are almost the same as for the classic massage but the effectiveness of such a water procedure is much higher.


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