Our Team

Our Team

Meet our team

At Light Touch Studio, our team comprises dedicated professionals who are passionate about enhancing your natural beauty and well-being.

With a collective wealth of experience and expertise, we specialize in a diverse range of beauty services, including permanent makeup, skincare, body care, tattoos, eyelashes, and brows. Our technicians are continuously self-improving and learning new techniques to provide the best experience for our clients and students. Step into our studio and discover the light touch of beauty.


Meet Sveta, Our Studio Owner, Senior Permanent Makeup Artist and Instructor

Whether you’re seeking flawless permanent makeup, expert lash and brow services, or looking to refine your skills in the art of beauty, Sveta’s passion and expertise are at the heart of Light Touch Studio.

7 years

Her favorite song is “Flowers” by Miley Cyrus. When she’s at the studio, she puts it on the loop, so everybody can learn the lyrics.


Meet Suzanna, Our Skincare Aesthetician and Instructor, Body Sculpting and Contouring Technician

5 years

She is a big fan of Japanese culture! Especially anime 🙂


Meet Natasha, Our Lash Technician and Instructor for Lash Extensions and Nail Art Trainings

Driven by a burning passion, she transformed her career from Marketing to become a Certified Nail & Lash Technician.

With 5+ years of hands-on experience, she has mastered the art of delivering exquisite, luxurious nail and lash services, as well as, running a profitable business. Natasha specializes in captivating hand-painted character nail art and all styles of lashing.

5+ years

Her favorite color is pink! Truly the best color 😉


Meet Irina, Our Eyelashes and Brows Specialist

Discover the artistry of Irina at Light Touch Studio, where every lash and brow is a canvas, and your beauty is her masterpiece.

6 years

She LOVES coffee. Also, Irina’s hobby is dancing, so you can find her at dance classes at least 2 times a week!


Meet Tetiana, Our Senior Permanent Makeup Artist

Discover the artistry of permanent makeup with Tetiana, where skill, warmth, and a passion for timeless beauty converge. Tetiana is not just a makeup artist; she’s a creator of lasting beauty.

8 years

She loves handcrafting! Tetiana is especially passionate about floristics, so if you ever get a bouquet from her – it is for sure handmade!


Meet Yana, Our Receptionist, Tiny Tattoo Instructor

Discover the perfect blend of efficiency, creativity, and positivity with Yana at Light Touch Studio.

3,5 years

She is our problem-solver that can do everything! But that one thing that she is passionate about is dancing. She has been dancing since she was 5 years old!


Meet Olena, Our Senior Skincare Aesthetician and Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Experience the pinnacle of skincare luxury with Olena, where qualifications, experience, and personalized care converge for a radiant you.

20+ years

She is a gym rat! If you are looking for her and she is not at the studio, you can definitely find her working out at the gym.


Meet Elina, Our Hydromassage/Massage Therapist

Embark on a serene escape with Elina, where every massage is a journey into relaxation and well-being, and every moment is crafted for your utmost comfort.

5 years

Her zodiac sign is Aries. Elina is a self-ironic person and loves to talk about herself. And when we say ‘loves’, we mean ‘LOVES’.


Meet Ferron, Our Massage Therapist and Body Care Specialist

Specializing in hydromassage therapy, relaxation massage, and a spectrum of body care treatments, Ferron not only pampers your senses but brings a touch of joy to every session.

11 years

She loves going to concerts, snorkeling, crafting and camping! Ferron also has 2 Cane Corso’s and 1 Crested Gecko 🙂