By tattooing a line between lashes it creates a look of a fuller lash line. This technique is great for people with very blonde lashes and is looking to define the eyelid.

Imagine you wake up in the morning and don’t have to spend time to induce beauty. The procedure of permanent makeup – lips, eyebrows, eyelids – helps to fulfill the dream of all girls. Tattooing helps achieve an expressive look and saves at least 15 minutes on makeup daily. Eyelash enhancements have become a real hit. The eyelashes look neat and bright, but at the same time, emphasize the eyes.

Do you want to save:

  • money for cosmetics;
  • an hour spent on applied cosmetics;
  • nerves you pay about how your makeup looks?

If you answered YES, get a lash enhancement in our studio!


This technique creates the effect of thick and dense eyelashes that look natural. From the photos, you can see that the procedure is performed on the inner upper eyelid. The studio technician carefully injects pigment into the eyelash growth zone.

If a girl has light eyelashes, lash enhancement looks like a neat arrow has been applied to her eyes. When the owner of dark eyelashes undergoes the procedure, she will get the effect of thick and dense lashes.


This is all about:

  •  Brilliance: you shouldn’t worry about makeup and its durability. The tattoo is applied once, and the effect lasts for about two years.
  • Beauty: you can create the effect of thick eyelashes and give the eyes the proper shape, making them look more expressive.
  • Youth: constant use of cosmetics negatively affects the delicate eyelids’ skin and leads to aging. The tattoo does not have such a damaging effect. Therefore, the aging processes of the skin are slowed down.

Of course, lash enhancement is a partial-fledged replacement for eye makeup. But it reduces the time of applying makeup and simplifies the process. Thanks to the used pigment, eyelashes have a thicker and healthier look.


Before the procedure, you should not expose your eyelashes to any harmful influence. Do not do eyelash extensions or tinting and curling.

Contact lenses will have to be removed during the procedure. You can wear them back only after a week.

A day before the procedure, it is advisable not to drink strong energy beverages with high caffeine and alcohol content.

Avoid taking medicines that can affect blood clotting. This is a critical nuance that will affect both the course of the procedure and the recovery period.

The duration of the procedure is 1.5 hours.

Before starting work, the studio technician will listen to your wishes and advise the best option, taking into account the characteristics of your face.

Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio, Canada, has everything you need for lash enhancement: modern equipment, high-quality materials, and experienced specialists.

Trust the professionals. They will do everything for your beauty!