Eyelash Tint

Beautiful eyelashes make the look incredibly expressive. Therefore, most women use makeup mascara to make their lashes longer and brighter. However, if you are annoyed by the need to color them daily, you can undergo eyelash tinting. This service is one of the most demanded in Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton, allowing ladies to solve many problems – especially for those girls whose eyelashes are naturally pale and not expressive.

Why Would You Undergo Eyelash Tint Procedure?

Each girl can evaluate the studio’s portfolio before and after the procedure. Eyelash tinting refers to the method of applying long-term makeup. If you have to paint your eyes with ordinary mascara daily, tinting your eyelashes in a studio will save time. Studio procedure has a lot of advantages:

  • No allergies (manufacturers today use hypoallergenic substances when creating the dye formula).
  • Long-last effect (you can safely swim and go to bed without removing your make-up).
  • Delightful look (the procedure gives your lashes brightness and natural volume).

How Does the Eyelash Tinting Procedure Go?

Often, women try to carry out permanent lash tinting in cheap salons. But it’s better to entrust it to professionals, especially since the price for eyelash coloring in our studio is fair. The session runs as follows:

  1. Makeup is washed off with makeup removal.
  2. The desired shade of paint is selected.
  3. One-time patches are applied under the eyes.
  4. The studio technician carefully applies the dye to the eyelashes with a special brush.
  5. It takes time for the paint to soak and dry (no more than 20 minutes).
  6. The remaining paint is removed with soft agents.

The technician will perform the procedure and tell you which dye color is better. This will make your look as natural as possible.

How to Choose a Shade?

The right choice of paint is critical to the desired effect. If you make a mistake, you can get a different result and spoil the look. Therefore, tinting eyelashes is necessary to consider many nuances.

  • Blondes are more suitable for dark gray – graphite, asphalt, and dark brown tones. Black is allowed only with very light or, conversely, very dark skin.
  • Brown-haired women and redheads prefer a wide range of dark brown tones.
  • Fair-haired, depending on the tone of the hair – cold or warm, they can choose both brown and gray shades.
  • Brunettes have no choice – only black. Otherwise, the eyes lose their expressiveness.

Of course, choosing a shade yourself without the help of a lash maker is not recommended. Our studio technician will select a shade, considering your eyes’ color and the natural color type.

How Long Does Eyelash Tint Last?

On average, eyelash tinting lasts about a month. The hairs are constantly growing, and new hairs appear. That is why it is recommended to carry out a correction once a month.

Eyelash tinting is a great choice. The tinted eyelashes become attractive and bright, making using mascara impossible. A qualified Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio specialist – the best in Canada – will select the appropriate color for a perfectly finished look.