Lips Blush

We put the rosy plush Maybelline-worthy pout with our 3D Lip Blush Tattoo service!

Lip Blush Tattoo: What Is It?

Lip blush is the trendiest permanent makeup technique. The technician inserts the dye into the skin with the help of a machine. But we use an updated device with a specific needle stroke and unique mineral pigments.

The process is less painful and harmless, excluding any negative consequences. Do you still think lip blushing on dark lips looks unpleasant and unevenly applied? Our technicians have much experience with blushing lips and will create lips worthy of a fashion magazine cover. They will make permanent lip makeup suitable for your color type and harmoniously fit into your look.

Why Would You Do Lip Blush Makeup?

Women always want to change and improve their appearance. Therefore, the Permanent Lip Color Tattoo procedure is always on trend. However, its popularity is connected not only to the fact that it transforms the appearance. Here are more benefits:

  • It can replace cosmetic procedures, in particular, lip augmentation. Visually the lips look full and juicy;
  • Can visually hide asymmetry, mimic wrinkles and scars;
  • The recovery period does not require special efforts. The skin heals quickly, without discomfort or any problems.

Get used to the idea of your lips looking beautiful and neat. The need to color the lips with makeup is eliminated. You can eat, drink, and dive into the pool and SPA with complete confidence that your blushed lip color and shape look fantastic.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

Every step brings you closer to perfect lips:

  1. Consultation with a technician of permanent makeup regarding lip shape and color choice.
  2. Sketching and discussing all nuances.
  3. Pre-treatment manipulations.
  4. Insertion of color components.
  5. Applying a healing agent.

You’ll enjoy your perfect lips for 1-2 years, depending on several factors: the individual perception of the pigment by the body and the speed of pigment splitting, whether and when the correction was made, and what technique was chosen.

Is the Lip Blush Makeup or Not?

If you are ready for a makeover, want to update your appearance, forget about decorative cosmetics, or hide imperfections in the lip area – a lip blush tattoo is your best solution.

Natural, plump, seductive, and juicy lips are every woman’s dream. The Lip Blush Tattoo procedure is painless and safe, provided following proper norms and rules. The technicians of Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, will help emphasize natural perfection and give texture and volume to your lips.

We are confident in our work and set fair prices!