Nano Eyebrows

Nanoblading for eyebrows fills in scarce, thin eyebrows for a thicker appearance. The procedure involves the use of pigmented ink and a super fine needle to create hair-like tattoo strokes. These strokes look like natural hair.


Nanoblading: What Is It?

Nanoblading is a technique that provides many benefits to girls who are unhappy with their natural eyebrows. The Nano Eyebrows technology is simple and similar to microblading. It is enough to go through one procedure, and you can forget about decorative cosmetics for eyebrows for a year and a half. Each hair is drawn separately according to a special scheme with a fine needle.

Nanoblading and Microblading

  • As mentioned earlier, nanoblading and microblading have common roots. Nanoblading is a more modern procedure aimed at less trauma, safety, and painlessness but a more prolonged effect.

    It’s all about the technology itself – the technician uses a fragile needle that is much more delicate than microblading. This allows you to achieve naturalness and make eyebrows perfect, as if nature endowed you with natural beauty. A smaller needle is practically not felt on the skin and doesn’t cause additional harm and bleeding. And the result will pleasantly surprise you – it will last longer than microblading – up to 3 years.

How to Prepare for the Procedure?

  • Before heading to the procedure, it is necessary to:

    For everything to go as safely as possible, certain precautions must be observed before the procedure.

    •  If you are taking antibiotics or blood thinners, you must stop taking them a week before nanoblading.
    • Also, 2-3 days before you visit the studio, it is not recommended to take any alcoholic beverages.
    • The skin in the eyebrow area should be healthy, without inflammation or rashes.
    • Do not sunbathe before you visit the studio.
    • Consult a studio manager to find out the nano brows cost.

How Does Eyebrow Nanoblading Go?

  • The process of creating nano brows is similar to microblading:

    1. The first phase is given a consultation, where a Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio technician will shape brows and decide on the color.
    2.  After shaping the brows line, the technician prepares the pattern to draw on and treats the skin with a mild anesthetic.
    3. Then, with the help of a special machine, the studio technician creates hair-like tattoo strokes. This process may take some time as each stroke is carefully drawn to look like natural hair.

How Painful Is the Procedure?

  • As a minimally invasive procedure, nanoblading is virtually painless, although the feeling from clients, of course, individual – it all depends on the pain threshold. You feel discomfort no more than from waxing but much less than from microblading or tattooing. Anesthetic cream is beneficial – in this case, it is applied to the skin for some time before the procedure.

    Beautifully groomed eyebrows of the correct shape are the basis of perfect makeup. Many would agree on this simple truth. But, it is not like every woman can boast luxurious eyebrows. Many have lost precious hair in endless experiments on appearance. Nanoblading can improve the situation, allowing you to enhance the brows’ shape and fullness of your eyebrows. Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio in Edmonton is proud of its reputable technicians, the best in Canada. Call and ask all the questions about the nano brows and desired results.

    Take care of your eyebrows correctly and enjoy their great shape and color for up to 2 years!