Microcurrent Facial

To keep the skin fit and prevent sagging, a microcurrent is used to stimulate the muscles, starting low and then increased gradually until the skin has the desired firmness.

Microcurrent Therapy: What Is It?

Microcurrent therapy uses electrical impulses with a voltage not exceeding 14 volts. This mild action stimulates all layers of the skin, the hypodermis (subcutaneous fatty tissue), the muscular frame, and the walls of blood vessels. As a result, patients become visually younger. What’s going on? Everything is quite simple:

An electric current of a small impulse organically activates the natural charge of cell membranes, bringing all intracellular processes to the optimal level.

  • As a result, blood flow normalizes in the capillaries.
  • The required nutrients are delivered to the cells, stimulating regenerative processes and protein synthesis.
  • Mitochondria produce enough energy to increase the tone of facial muscles and blood vessels.

The appearance of the client is radically changing. It’s like the “before” and “after” photos in advertising cosmetics or weight loss products. Microcurrent therapy shows such a brilliant result that this procedure is the most in-demand in Canada!

How Is the Procedure of Microcurrent Facial Performed?

Usually, the whole procedure takes an hour at maximum. Manipulation consists of several successive stages:

  1. The client is comfortably placed on a cosmetic chair. The surface of the skin is disinfected.
  2. Skin toning with a special lotion that prepares the dermis for electric shock. If necessary, a technician recommends a light superficial peeling.
  3. A gel conductor is applied to the problematic surface, and the micro-stimulation treatment begins.

An electrode is a conductor of electricity that saturates the dermis with valuable components of a cosmetic product. There are special gloves equipped with electrodes. With their help, the skin can also be massaged. The procedure is completed by applying a soothing mask to the skin of the face.

Where to Carry Out the Procedure?

The desire to undergo Microcurrent Facial near me involves the main preliminary step – consultation with a studio technician about contraindications, type of therapy, planned result, possible consequences, and frequency of repeated manipulations. Its duration depends on the size of the problem area.

Microcurrent Facial is a procedure that does not require any rehabilitation period. All you need to know about leaving the studio is to retouch your makeup and go to conquer the rest of the world. We are ready whenever you want to solve cosmetic problems or just relax in a pleasant atmosphere.