Scalp tricopigmentation treatment

Scalp tricopigmentation treatment is a process of restoring the hairline and a solution to hair loss. It is done to disguise hair loss with a series of tiny dots gently applied with a tattoo pen regardless of the skin type or baldness.

What Is Scalp Tricopigmentation?

Scalp tricopigmentation treatment is one of the now popular permanent makeup varieties. A studio technician restores the hairline with a tattoo pen, giving your hair external density, fullness, and natural volume. You can recreate natural hair growth even on a smoothly shaved scalp. In addition, the technology allows you to mask unsightly and post-operative scars that prevent average hair growth and spoil the appearance of the hairstyle.

Depending on the specifics of the problem, scalp tattooing can affect the entire head and its sections.

What Is the Desired Effect of Tricopigmentation?

Upon completion of the procedure, you can expect the following visual changes:

  • Impressive volume and external density of hairstyles in general.
  • The guaranteed solution to the hair loss problem.
  • Masking of scars and other skin defects in the scalp area;
  • 100% natural effect.

Such changes will give a stylish, well-groomed, youthful appearance and confidence in perfection.

What Are the Stages of Scalp Tricopigmentation?

  • Visual assessment of the problem and preparation for the procedure. At this stage, the studio technician studies the structural features of the scalp, determines the optimal technique for applying the pigment, develops a sketch, and selects one or more shades to recreate the natural density of the hairstyle.
  • Processing. Before introducing the coloring composition, the scalp is thoroughly cleaned, treated with antiseptic agents, and anesthetized.
  • Application of pigment. The dye is inserted under the skin’s surface layers using a tattoo pen during the procedure.
  • Recovery procedures. The scalp is treated with special antibacterial and regenerating compounds to speed up regeneration and avoid an inflammatory reaction.

Care and Recovery

  • Do not worry if the shade looks too intense in the first hours. It will look more natural so that the final result can be assessed only after a few days. After 1-2 months, we recommend you undergo a tattoo correction in our studio. The Light Touch Permanent Makeup Studio technician will perfect your hairstyle, giving it natural attractiveness, volume, and density for at least a year or even more!